Name: Jeff Biesboer

Title: Master Plumber, President

Company: Cox Plumbing Co., Waukesha, Wisconsin


Why he’s PM’s Plumber of the Month: “Jeff is the hardest worker I have ever met in my life and would do anything for anybody. Jeff’s customer service is truly top-notch. He has often gone to a customer’s home after hours to solve a plumbing emergency and only charged regular rates. He continues to have a passion for the trade and for sharing it with the next generation.” — Elyse Biesboer, vice president, Cox Plumbing Co.

Jeff’s thoughts: “I have been with Cox Plumbing for 16 years now. I like walking into a house or business that is full of chaos and leaving with the customers crying tears of joy because I have been able to solve their plumbing problems. My short-term goals are to continue to grow our team at Cox Plumbing by teaching apprentices the trade, and my long-term goal is that, by teaching apprentices the trade, I will be able to play a small role in solving the skilled-trade worker shortage.”


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