Name: Ed Parisi

Title: Plumbing Quality Assurance

Company: Industrial Commercial Systems, Vista, California


Why he’s PM’s Plumber of the Month: “Ed has been in the industry for over 40 years. His comprehensive knowledge and commitment to everything plumbing is all-encompassing and should be recognized. Additionally, his ability to follow health and safety standards as well as comply with building and state codes is commendable. Ed has been the greatest listener, teacher and problem-solver that I have had the pleasure of knowing. His outstanding performance in and out of the office has not gone unnoticed. His soft skills as well as his ability to work effectively and efficiently on site or in the office makes him a key element in completing projects on time. Ed has been an indispensable asset for ICS over the years and will continued to be for future projects.” — Ricky Hernandez, project engineer, Industrial Commercial Systems

Ed’s thoughts: “I am a third-generation plumber. My grandfather started a family plumbing and heating business in Buffalo, New York, in 1918, and my father joined him in the business after World War II. I especially enjoy analyzing the systems for new projects, troubleshooting installed systems, and passing along the knowledge I have accumulated to the current and upcoming generation of plumbing and mechanical professionals.”


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