Name: Daniel Allison

Title: Lead Installer

Company: Royal Class Service, New Windsor, New York


Why he’s PM’s Plumber of the Month: “Dan has been a tremendous employee, team member and friend at RCS for many years. He has not only evolved to his best version of himself, he is the true definition of a craftsman. His work maintains a consistent artistic creativity that set him apart from standard pipefitters. Dan is also a true crossover talent, performing HVAC comfort cooling installation and service and repair, plumbing rough and upgrade and repair, hydronic installation and replacement, as well as service of oil, gas, drain cleaning or well systems. Dan is able to be placed on most all types of calls into our business.” – Matthew Pillius, owner and CEO, Royal Class Service

Dan’s thoughts: “I would say my favorite part of my job would be upgrading customers’ heating equipment, or building a system and seeing the finished work. I would hope that as our company grows, there will be a spot for me as the install manager, where I could coordinate and oversee multiple install crews.”


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