• Mastering the art of scheduling

    Adam Cory: Mastering the art of scheduling and quoting

    For those not directly connected to the field service industry, it might be surprising to learn that many technicians in this space do not have the tools or information available to make quotes on the spot and still struggle with finding transparent solutions for scheduling — resulting in delays and lost business.
  • Storm clouds

    Brad Williams: Mid-year state of the market

    During JP Morgan’s investor day, investors heard optimistic tones coming from JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who referred to our situation as “Strong economy, big storm clouds,” and went on to explain “I’m calling it storm clouds because they’re storm clouds. They may dissipate.” Dimon, who is known for his keen eye on the market, added that a recession is possible, but it would be unlike past downturns because of the unique mix of economic conditions we see ourselves in today.
  • evolution of power tools

    Dave Yates: The evolution of power tools

    All of my employees and I were sitting in our trucks eating lunch when the OSHA inspectors arrived on the commercial job site, which was a two-story addition to a nursing home. Talk about fear — the other trades and general contractor’s employees about had a coronary!

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