• Heat pump retrofit

    Dave Yates: Heat pump retrofit

    Twenty-nine years ago, when we built our forever home, my central air conditioning systems consisted of two 2-ton condensers with two air-handlers in the attic and ductwork that utilized fiberglass ductboard with short runs of flex ducts terminating at commercial-grade ceiling registers. The condensers and air handlers were used that we salvaged from one of our job sites. I kept them with the notion of using them and figured we would upgrade from 10-SEER to higher efficiency units once they died.
  • Strong relationships between colleagues and with clients

    Kenny Chapman: Relationships matter more than results

    As service business leaders, we often focus blindly on the results — key performance indicators, sales targets and other specific goals. But when it comes to success in any industry, relationships are often much more important than simply reaching a result-based goal. This is especially true for plumbing contractors who need trust and cooperation from our manufacturers, distributors, clients and other partners to succeed call after call, day after day.

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