Name: Kevin Szabo Jr.

Title: Owner

Company: Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing


Why he’s PM’s Plumber of the Month: Szabo Jr. is a licensed plumber and electrician, a CCCDI (RPZ Inspector) and has plans to obtain his HVAC licensing next. He learned the plumbing trade from his father, grandfather and uncles, who were all plumbers themselves, and started his own company 10 years ago. Szabo Jr. believes the trades, including plumbing, need to be celebrated and has started visiting local elementary schools to give hands-on presentations to young students about how much fun plumbing can be. He brings pipes and stands with him and allows the kids to play and build, hoping to foster an interest in the trades at an early age. Szabo Jr. also plans to start a monthly Plumbing Workshop for kids in his community which will be held in his shop.

Szabo Jr.’s thoughts: “We work extremely hard, but we always make it a point to give back just as much to our community. I want my children and their future children to be proud of their parents. I want them to be proud that their father was a licensed plumber and a licensed electrician. The smile my son always has on his face when he tells his friends I’m a plumber is exactly why I love to share with these kids about the plumbing trade. I would hear him brag, ‘My papa is a plumber and he has a big truck with cool tools!’ I’m truly blessed every day to wake up and do what I do. I’m glad I choose the path I did.”

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