Name: Bruce Perry

Title: Licensed master plumber

Company: Royal Class Service, New Windsor, New York


Why he’s PM’s Plumber of the Month: “Bruce was a competitor and fellow member of our local Master Plumbers Association for years. When he chose to close his business, we were able to create the place Bruce felt the most connection too and align to his prior organization, and we became better friends and co-workers. Bruce is always engaged at his highest level with the utmost pure integrity, he is genuine and selfless in his desire to be a hero to others and has always placed co-workers, clients and team as high on his personal list as he does his own family.

Bruce has volunteered himself to assist our junior service expert when he is on call, he wants the success of the next generation of plumbing and HVAC experts to be their best, he takes pressure off their minds and removes fears they internalize with his availability and support. Bruce is a master of his craft. He is a trusted, extremely knowledgeable asset to Royal Class Service.” — Matthew Pillius, CEO, Royal Class Service.

Perry’s thoughts: “I grew up in the industry. I took over my grandfather’s company in 1995 and have since merged with Royal Class Service. I’ve never looked back. I like the fact that every day is different. I enjoy fixing peoples’ problems, making them more comfortable and basically making an impact on their lives. At this point at my age, I enjoy passing on my knowledge and teaching apprentices to do what I’ve done pretty much all my life. It makes it easy to get up every morning, that’s for sure.”

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