Name: Tommy Fine

Title: Foreman

Company: LMG Construction Services


Why he’s PM’s Plumber of the Month: “Tommy has spent six years at LMG Construction, exemplifying our goals of tenacity, reputation, accountability, integrity and longevity. Additionally, his reputation with safety and leading crews proceeds him. General contractors will ask for him to be on site. We recently completed several public bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, laboratories and full-service bars on a significant historic project in Kansas City — J. Rieger Distillery, a 60,000 square foot distillery featuring an all new production space and world class hospitality center. Tommy stepped up to the plate and led our LMG plumbing team working through the Fourth of July holiday weekend to help the general contractor and owner finish the project on time for its grand opening. Tommy is also a committed leader of LMG University, our in-house training program, which utilizes a combination of classroom and hands-on training. He not only leads by example, but also takes the time to mentor the crew, helping to train a future generation of tradesmen and women.” – Dani Davis, human resources.

Fine’s thoughts: “I was actually a Harley mechanic before this, but that work is kind of seasonal. I had family working with LMG who offered to get me in if I wanted. I gave it a try and took right to it, so I stuck with it. I like the dependability and that it’s something different. I’m the type of person where if I’m not being challenged every day, then I get bored and lose interest. It’s definitely been keeping me interested.”

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