vertex body


Water heater manufacturer A. O. Smith’s [] high-efficiency Vertex residential family of gas water heaters is now certified by the EPA’s Energy Star program, the first high-efficiency tank-style water heater with more than 75,000 Btu input to do so.

“Operating at up to 96% thermal efficiency, the Vertex is the energy-efficiency leader of the residential water heating market,” said Ralph Perez, director of product management for
A. O. Smith. “We’re thrilled to see it join the extensive selection of A. O. Smith products recognized by the Energy Star program.”

A residential gas condensing water heater, the Vertex (pictured) combines an advanced internal heat exchanger with up to 100,000 Btu input, inspired by A. O. Smith’s Cyclone commercial water heater. Vertex models are fully condensing to deliver continuous hot water.

With advanced diagnostic capabilities, the Vertex 100 records performance history and has a backlit LCD display that details model function, including accurate temperature control. Its dimensions are similar to those of a standard 50-gal. power-vent water heater, making it easy to install.

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