Consistency has remained a key staple over the years at Jonesboro, Ark.-based Adams & Cooper Plumbing Co.

“We take pride in our longevity,” Adams & Cooper Vice President Christy Harris says. “We stand behind what we do. A lot of people come in and out of this business. We are here to stay and we make sure we serve the people we work for. We’ve had customers as long as I’ve been here and some probably longer. We tend to do a lot of the old tried-and-true plumbing installations. Some things never change because they work.”

Harris is part of the third-generation company, which specializes in service, remodel and new construction with an emphasis on commercial jobs. Adams & Cooper stays plenty busy in a growing community due in part to nearby Arkansas State University and the new NEA Baptist hospital. Harris’ grandfather, Gaither Cooper, and his best friend, Roy Adams, started the company back in 1966. Harris now runs the company with her father, Gaylon Cooper, and her husband, Ryan Harris.

Where change has occurred in recent times is with Adams & Cooper’s fleet of service vehicles. Two of the company’s 22 trucks feature new wrapping aimed at grabbing customers’ attention.

“Those two are our traveling billboards,” Harris says.

Pictured above is lead service tech Stacy Crowe’s 2012 Freightliner Sprinter van. “Stacy loves the space inside,” Harris says. “The height took a little getting used to at first. The back-end is rigged to fit his needs. He has a place for everything back there.”

Harris worked with Jonesboro-based SuperTints on the wrapping, which prominently features a red wrench and a long run of piping that spans the width of the side panels. The water drop logo incorporates an “A” and “C” in the design.

“I proposed what I was looking for to SuperTints' main designer; she instinctively knew what I wanted and put it together for us,” Harris says. “She came up with the water drop. We wanted something that would stand out and that people would recognize.”

So far, the decision to go with the wraps has paid off handsomely.

“When we first wrapped the trucks, existing customers would call and tell us how much they liked it,” Harris says. “New customers always are calling about getting service work done. We’re changing with the times. Our little white trucks with our name on the side weren’t cutting it anymore. This gives us a professional look.”

Adams & Cooper prides itself on connecting with its customers. Case in point is the massive annual barbeque it holds during the Christmas season, which usually attracts around 350 customers.

“When our customers call, we treat them as if we’ve known them our whole lives instead of them being just another number on the page,” Harris says. “Our customers mean everything to us.”>