For business leaders in the plumbing contracting industry, it is crucial to understand that problems always hold solutions. Instead of shying away from them or seeking ways to avoid bumpy roads and obstacles, we should embrace challenges with a positive attitude and try our best to find solutions. Learning how to work through hurdles can help set your business on track for success. So let's start recognizing the benefits of looking at adversity as an opportunity! This is not a common perspective. However, I believe in this so much, it's even Law #3 in my latest book, “Blue Collar Success Laws: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Problem-Solving, Productivity, and Profit.”

Why problems shouldn't be avoided

Rather than running from the problems life and business throws at us, we should accept these challenges and allow them to be an opportunity for growth. Problems are not something to be feared but rather something to accept, allowing us to learn from them in order to achieve our ultimate success. The reality is that problems never go away entirely but rather offer lessons if we choose to accept them. Think about your career. Have you ever had any years, or quarters, or even months without some problems? Of course not, we're in the problem-solving business. And we deal with people most of the time, which in and of itself has a whole host of potential problems. Embrace any problems you encounter as an opportunity for growth and take the steps necessary in order to reach the best outcome. It may not feel normal or comfortable, but once you begin realizing this is where the real growth (and profit) comes from, you will begin to shift your perspective regarding problems.

Recognizing opportunities in problems

Taking an optimistic mindset when facing challenging situations can help turn problems into opportunities. As the old phrase implies, “every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent benefit” — shifting our perspective and recognizing any potential upside is critical for finding success in less-than-ideal circumstances. We must be open to different solutions and think beyond our current limitations if we are to discover new possibilities within these problems. Despite some hardships they may bring, problems have the power to unlock valuable experiences and lead us to bigger and better things — learning how to recognize these unwanted adventures is key for taking full advantage of our problem-solving capabilities. We have been conditioned by business society that problems are a bad thing. And yet, the companies that solve the biggest problems in the world are some of the most influential and profitable. You want opportunities, don't you? All opportunities come from the ability to shift your mind from thinking a problem is anything but a wonderful opportunity for you to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

Taking action to turn problems into solutions

As I already mentioned, taking action to turn problems into solutions requires creating a shift in our mindsets. We need to trust that while navigating difficult times and facing challenging moments, our experiences will become invaluable resources later in life and provide us with the skills necessary to keep pushing forward. It's important to believe and have hope that our difficulties can result in valuable learning, unearth transformative changes and ultimately open up doors for amazing opportunities. This is more difficult when we take things personally or are overly hard on ourselves for mistakes or misjudgments we make in our leadership journey. When we adopt the mindset that all events and circumstances are here to help us, this awesome game of business will change forever for the better. With this understanding, we are able to prioritize creating new beginnings from the lessons within past failures.

Learning from failures and challenges

We are so quick to put a label on what we see as a failed attempt. But there is no such thing as failure; there are only results. Learning from the result and adjusting your approach to new challenges or opportunities is how you become successful. To master any game, you have to be a student of the game, so never shy away from studying the result of each situation and planning your next moves accordingly. The best successes come with learning the right way forward through trials and errors; it's time for us to embrace this process and understand there is no such thing as failure — there's only growth and solutions! Think about when you first started playing golf, learning how to play the guitar or walking as a child, for that matter. You had to make a lot of mistakes. You had to mess it all up before you could master it. This law holds true in every aspect of life. We can accelerate learning and get improved results faster with good coaches and mentors in our lives as well.

Embrace any problems you encounter as an opportunity for growth and take the steps necessary in order to reach the best outcome. It may not feel normal or comfortable, but once you begin realizing this is where the real growth (and profit) comes from, you will begin to shift your perspective regarding problems.

Building resilience when faced with difficulties

Facing difficult situations is part of life, and it's vital to learn how to go with the flow rather than resist challenges. Taking each setback as an opportunity to grow and learn lessons can build up strength, resilience, and a lasting belief in our own self-worth, which will see us through future difficulties. Understanding problems as potential solutions allows us to find a way forward, developing greater agility and confidence. Lean into this line of thinking, and you will enjoy work so much more than you ever have.

Embracing change as part of the solution process

Change can be the source of power and strength for any process. Embracing it as part of the solution process is essential to finding successful, sustainable results. Without accepting change, our solutions become limited and hinder our ability to move forward. Realizing that change is necessary for success is important in order to effectively diagnose a problem and work with the fullest power available to find a lasting solution. Inviting change as part of the process unlocks an incredible power that ultimately leads us to where we need to be. Most people that get stuck in mediocrity resist change every time it occurs. Winners embrace change and see it as a valuable part of the growth process.

Don't be afraid of facing challenges in business and life; these are simply opportunities for growth. Instead of avoiding them, use creativity to recognize ways that you can address the problems and take action to bring solutions. Examination of "failures" used to strengthen resilience is also essential, as well as constantly embracing change. Above all else, remember that problems always hold the solution--so it is best to view them through a different lens which will enable personal development and success. Be easy with yourself as you focus on shifting your own perspective. Good luck!