Name: Eric Prussing
Title: Field supervisor
Company: Four Seasons Plumbing | Asheville, North Carolina

Why he’s PM’s Plumber of the Month: “Eric’s daily duties include facilitating weekly training sessions, observing and coaching field staff through site visits and ride-alongs, and supporting field staff with technical assistance. In addition, he also assists with interviewing, hiring and onboarding new field staff and plays a major role with apprentice development.

“When Eric first came to Four Seasons, he joined as an apprentice. More than six years later, he has quickly moved up the ranks to field supervisor. He is also one of Four Seasons’ top trainers and a North Carolina licensed plumber.

“Eric always puts the customer first before anything else, which is something Four Seasons prides itself in. In September, a client had a well pump that was under warranty and malfunctioned. Doing what he does best, Eric went out on a Friday afternoon and worked well into the evening to make sure the client didn’t have to go without water through the night.

“As a field supervisor, Eric’s job doesn’t require him to go out and cover calls, but that doesn’t stop him from going above and beyond for his coworkers and customers. Whether it’s assisting a tech on a call or going out of his way to cover a call, Eric is always making sure everything is running smoothly at Four Seasons."

Max Rose, owner, Four Seasons Plumbing

Prussing’s thoughts: “I was attracted to Four Seasons Plumbing because of the paid training — it was a great way to get into a trade. I started as an apprentice a little more than seven years ago and worked my way up. I’ve been a licensed plumber for about four years now.

“I love the diagnostics — troubleshooting and figuring out what the problem is. Homeowners never like it when you get excited. When they say, ‘We’ve got this weird noise,’ I get excited. I’m like, “Yeah, this is going to be fun! I’m going to learn something today!’ I love a good mystery, and I love it when I can figure it out. Being the hero — figuring out something that maybe somebody else wasn’t able to figure out before me is a great feeling.

“At Four Seasons Plumbing, we have a good culture and a good group of people. It’s fun working here. And one of our guiding principles is ‘Customers first.’ It’s’ nice working for a company that wants to take care of its customers and not take advantage of people to get the most money.

“Plumbing is a great trade — it’s awesome. My job is recession-proof and pandemic-proof. There’s always work to be done.”