We do gas and electric water heaters for lots of residential customers. I have found asking the customer to send a couple of photos of their connections and heater set up before we go out saves time. This way we are sure we have the specific or special fittings for water lines, gas fittings or vent pipes for gas units. We carry most items needed, but several times we ended up needing something. This makes the installation and turnaround time go quicker.

Tim Deale
Deale Plumbing
Pensacola, Florida 



An old-timer once taught me a long time ago the trick to removing those stubborn screw pipes and fittings. Before you break out the heat or the persuader, just try tightening the pipe or fitting a touch (always hold back). Once you do that, reverse your wrenches and they come right apart. Sounds funny, but it works every time.

James D. Berg Sr.
Great Lakes Plumbing and Heating
Wood Dale, Illinois


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