It is harder than ever to recruit plumbers, which is why you need to pay extra attention to your recruiting brochure. You do have a recruiting brochure, right? No? Well, here is why you need one and the eight things to include.



Your ability to grow your plumbing business is limited to your ability to put butts in trucks. When it comes to recruiting, you need every edge you can get. A brochure is one.

A recruiting brochure sells your company. It is like looking at the glossy pages of a travel brochure. The pictures of the cobblestone streets of the European travel brochures and sugar white sand of the beach resort and cruise brochures are designed to entice you to take action. A recruiting brochure should do likewise. And, it keeps on enticing after the interview ends. Moreover, it not only works on the prospective employee, it works on the candidate’s spouse.

Here are eight things to include:



If you have a company mission statement, vision statement and set of core values, include them in your recruiting brochure front and center. They are important. They set the tone.

If you have not identified your mission, vision or values, get busy. Knowing your business purpose (your mission), your vision (where you are going), and the values that govern behavior (how you conduct yourself) and your culture will make your company better and make it more attractive as a place to work.



When did your company start? What has it accomplished? What awards has it won? Is it growing? Include milestones like the date you first achieved a million dollars in sales, added your tenth truck and so on.


People want to work for companies they can be proud of. They want to work for companies that the public respects. Nothing positions you better than testimonials from your customers. Include pictures of happy customers alongside quotes about your company saving the day.



Even better than customer testimonials are employee testimonials. Show pictures of smiling employees talking about what they like about their jobs and what they like about working at the company. Do not overlook a spouse talking about the company either.



What are the benefits you offer? Assuming you offer them, include health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and so on. These are standard benefits. If you give people a day off on their birthday, note it. Note any type of long or short-term disability insurance, life insurance (even if not much), and employee assistance programs.


6. FUN

Do you take breaks and have fun activities, such as taking everyone to the movies or bowling now and then? Maybe you take them bass fishing? How about just having fun a work, such as a holiday potluck? If you do something fun, note it in your recruiting brochure. It makes your company more attractive.



Do you do anything to give back to the community and industry that supports you? It could be financial or time for such organizations as Habitat for Humanity or the Joseph Groh Foundation that helps people in the trades and their families when they experience a life altering event. What local or industry charities do you support? Are you involved with a local or state trade association, the local chamber of commerce, a service or civic club (i.e., Rotary, Lion’s, Optimist, Kiwanis, Civitan), the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and so on?



How do you help your team grow professionally? Do you send them to third party training classes offered by a manufacturer, supply house or other organization? Do you offer training in-house? Do you make educational material available for people to study on their own time or audio programs for people to listen to between calls, in their trucks?



We titled our brochure, “The Culture Book.” We got the idea for the book and title from one of our Australian members, Fallon Solutions in Brisbane, Australia. We also could have titled it, “We are Service Nation.” If you would like a copy, call 877-262-3341 and ask the Success Team for a Culture Book.