Texas might not be top of mind when thinking about radiant heating, but when some longtime customers mentioned radiant floor warming for their new building, Raymond Nelson knew exactly what to do — he called his Viega rep and got the ball rolling.

FINS is a swim instruction company located in the Houston area. President and CEO Bill Goudeket decided he was ready to build his fourth location, FINS of Cypress, and he called on Nelson, owner of Richmond, Texas-based Raymond Nelson Plumbing, to help.

The newest location features radiant heating to help keep students comfortable in and out of the pool and changing areas. And although Nelson hadn’t installed radiant products before, he was confident that Viega was his go-to source.

“This was my first go at radiant,” he says. “I’ve done some ProPress and MegaPress and when this popped up I said, ‘Here we go!’”

Nelson is friends with Viega District Manager Joe Barrile, who was excited to introduce Nelson to radiant heating. And the Goudeket family was excited to put the project into their new facility.