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While conventional stove blowers direct hot air from the back of the stove towards the ceiling, Tjernlund Products’ HotShot Universal Blower captures air on top of a wood stove and blows it out an adjustable chute into the room at stovetop height.

The HotShot blower, with a high-temp, black powder-coated finish, features a discharge chute with turning vanes that is adjustable up to 45° so heated air can be directed to specific areas, even if the stove is not situated squarely in the room. The blower’s high-efficiency motor operates on only 20 W of power.

Installing the HotShot blower on most wood stove designs is simple and requires no tools. Clips built into the blower housing attach to the top of the stove’s rear heat shield. The electrical cord is plugged into a nearby outlet. For stoves with a raised top, where the flue outlet is located, the directional chute can be removed to shorten the unit’s overall length.