These products received the highest click-thru ratings from Radiant & Hydronics e-News readers in 2008.

#1 Cast Iron Radiators

Beaumontmanufactures a fabulous range of cast-iron decorative radiators, all carefully hand-built to your own required Btu specifications and fully assembled ready for plumbing into your new or existing pipe work. Available in a number of elegant and ornate styles, and in a range of finishes.

#2 Radiant Floor Panel

Creathermunveiled its new foam radiant floor panel product at the REX Show in Hartford, CT. The S45 Floor Panel is ideal for installing PEX hydronic tubing with considerable time savings. The finished floor panel is 2’ x 4’ x 2.8” thick and features a staggered snap-tight grid for optimal tubing spacing. On-center points exist every 3”. It can support the installation of 1/2”, 5/8” or 3/4” PEX tubing, and offers greater R Value due to its thickness.

#3 Powerful Tankless Water Heater

Takagiintroduces its latest and most powerful tankless water heater, the T-M50. It uses two heavy-duty heat exchangers to produce up to 380,000 Btu/hr. The dual system ensures that if one unit were to break down, the other would continue operating without any interruption, thus avoiding emergency situations. It also utilizes the most technically advanced copper available, making the unit much more resilient against erosion and leaks. Ideal for commercial water heating, hydronic systems, radiant floor heating and combined systems.

#4 PEX Stub Out

The new ProPEX Out-of-the-Wall Support System fromUponorprovides a complete solution for PEX-A plumbing systems "

#5 Mini-Boiler

The new Mini-Boiler™ fromElectro Industries Inc.features an easy-access control board, a smaller, sleeker design, and built-in water temperature control. It also includes a circuit breaker, pump relay, off-peak control, H stamped vessel, and a 20-year warranty on the vessel and heating elements. Sizes range from 1 kW through 9 kW with a temperature range of 90° F to 160° F.

#6 Renovate Old Baseboard

BaseboardHeaterCovers.commanufactures the only one-size-fits-most perforated steel baseboard heater cover that easily slips over top of existing baseboard heaters with no tools required. Its classic design will update old covers in minutes, and is sure to match all types of room décor.

#7 Flexible Solar Connections

Caleffi's SolarFlex flexible stainless-steel insulated piping connects solar collectors to the storage tank and pump station quickly and professionally. The pre-insulation solution of two flexible stainless-steel pipes inside two EPDM closed-cell insulation and the integrated sensor cable saves installation time and reduces cost "


The new Alumicor® PEX-Al-PEX tubing fromZurn Industriesoffers the benefits of cross-linked polyethylene tubing plus it holds its shape when it is bent. A layer of aluminum is sandwiched between two layers of PEX that not only gives it an easy-to-handle, malleable characteristic, it also improves heat transfer and acts as an oxygen barrier, helping to protect the boiler and all other non-ferrous system components from corrosion.

#9 PEX Uncoiler

The UC1 Uncoiler fromMalco Products Inc.can be used for hydronic in-floor radiant heating layout and for running potable tubing. The open case serves as the unit’s base. No tools are required to assemble. A heavy-duty turntable supports a full coil of PEX and an eyelet loop opens for easy feeding or removal of tubing from uncoiler unit. The UC1 Uncoiler takes up very little space in a truck or van. The entire unit stores in a steel-reinforced plastic case measuring 40" x 17" x 5". Carrying weight is only 50 lbs. Accommodates all types of PEX tubing: 1,000 feet of 3/8" to 1/2" or 500 feet of 5/8" to 1".

#10 Rolling Tool Bag

Back injuries need not apply with this rolling tool bag It features a large open interior for bulk storage, 21 pockets and sturdy polyurethane wheels that can handle rough terrain. Ergonomically designed handles tilt bag away from body when carried. Telescoping handle locks in four positions for ease of use.