See what tools and equipment caught readers' attention this year in our Top 20 Online Products list.

#1 Rugged, Portable Work Light

The newHusky84-Watt Portable Tripod Fluorescent Work Light with 360-degree illumination provides lighting solutions for various jobsite needs. In operation, it stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall and can light up large workspaces – up to 17 x 24 feet – by producing the equivalent of 300 watts of incandescent light in all directions with no heat build up.

#2 Torpedo Level

Leveling tool manufacturerSwanson Tool Co.launched a new professional line of precision-machined, solid-billet aluminum torpedo levels - the 9-inch Savage™ and 6-inch Lil’ Savage. The levels are equipped with innovative and time-saving features, all in one pocket-sized, lightweight tool.

#3 Pipe Restoration System

PROMOTEC, the patented Swiss pipe restoration system, is coming to America fromWotec Corp.It uses wet, pulsating aluminum oxide to completely clean the interior of old water pipes and causes no damage to thin or worn pipes. Other systems use dry, abrasive sandblasting material, which can only be operable for a short time. Since the sand makes holes in thin areas and pipe bends, many blind areas remain unclean. This prevents the epoxy from adhering to the interior pipes.

#4 Y-Strainer

Nibco Inc.introduces its Class 125 cast bronze Y-strainer line used in commercial applications to trap foreign matter in steam, water, oil or gas pipelines. The line includes Class 125 solder ½- to 2-inch and threaded ¼- to 3-inch rated 125 SWP/200 CWP. Available with threaded or solder-end connections, and solid or tapped cap with plug.

#5 MultiPort CPVC Manifold System

TheFlowGuard® MultiPort CPVC manifold system offers a flexible solution for use with potable water piping materials. Available in 1-, 1 1/4-, 1 1/2- and 2-inch sizes for residential and commercial applications, it can be installed vertically, horizontally or floating. Allows for any number of ports during installation and in the future, giving contractors a versatile, nonmechanical manifold solution.

#6 Hybrid Electric Water Heater

The newGEHybrid Electric Water Heater combines energy-saving heating technology with traditional electric heating systems without sacrificing the amount of hot water it can deliver. It absorbs heat in ambient air and transfers it into the water. It uses the existing water and electrical connections, and occupies the same footprint as a traditional tank water heater, making it perfect for new construction or a replacement upgrade.

#7 Trap Adapter

This pre-assembled trap adapter fromPlastic Productions LLCeliminates labor steps. It also eliminates glue joints on finish. Accepts tubular traps, and allows for multiple test points and air release.

#8 Gas-Powered Water Jetter

General Pipe Cleaners’ Jet-Set™ Model J-2900 gas-powered water jetter is lighter and more maneuverable, and features a 3,000-psi, 4-gpm triplex pump with Vibra-pulse® on demand, for getting around tight bends. A 300-foot capacity hose reel with reel brake and brass swivel is mounted on a heavy-duty frame with two pneumatic tires.

#9 Floating Console and Cylinder Washbasin

Duravit’s new Fogo floating console is available in various widths. Its large drawers make the low console very spacious in terms of storage potential. The slim Bacino cylindrical washbasin can be positioned in the center or to one side of the console. Its unique geometry has been specifically designed at an 18 1/8-inch height and 14 5/16-inch diameter to create a deep inner basin without tap area or overflow.

#10 Heavy-Duty Tool Box

The Load ‘N Go Heavy-Duty Tuff Box fromClean-Fit Productsis a “contractor-grade,” large-capacity carrying case for storing, transporting and protecting everything from tools to parts and fittings. It features rugged tongue-and-groove construction for superior strength and resistance to moisture. An easy-access top compartment is ideal for small tools and parts. Dimensions are 15 by 8 by 10 inches.

#11 Packaged Sewage System

Hydromatic’s new packaged residential sewage system, the Basin Boss, provides everything the professional needs for fast installation and service, as well as more capacity. The 24- by 24-inch shallow-design basin not only reduces time spent digging the pit, but also results in 45-gallon capacity. Available with the choice of 4/10 horsepower or 1/2 horsepower Hydromatic sewage pumps, which offer 2-inch solid-handling capability. 

#12 Powder Room Collections

Each new powder room collection fromDanzeencompasses a full suite of products including toilets, bidets, furniture-grade vanities, pedestal or vessel sinks, and matching mirrors. Toilets throughout the collections feature a 3-inch flush valve, ergonomic elongated bowl with 16 1/2-inch rim height and a soft close seat. Choose from the traditional Orrington Collection (shown), the contemporary Ziga Zaga, or the architectural Cirtangular Collection.

#13 Hanger Strap

Sioux Chief Mfg.’s Ape Tape™ woven polypropylene hanger strap is a new alternative to metal or plastic hanger straps. Tested to IAPMO product standard PS-9501, it has a tensile strength of 350 lbs. The safe working load is 125 lbs at 140 degrees F. With no sharp edges to cut the installer's hand, it is strong, durable and lightweight, and 100 percent noncorrosive, providing greater longevity.

#14 Reverse Osmosis System Controller

Electronic Systems Design Inc.has developed the Model 250C Reverse Osmosis System Controller as a low-cost, reliable system for manufacturers of industrial and commercial water purification systems. It lowers production costs by outsourcing electronic controls. Model 250C performs all of the functions necessary to efficiently operate a reverse osmosis water system by maintaining water tank levels. It also has a lockout input for pre-treatment regeneration, low pressure shutdown, and more.

#15 Basement Flood Protection

New fromBasement Flood Protectors, each system is managed by a computer in the ePump that self-tests every part of the system every 12 hours. If any failure is detected, the customer and the company are notified via e-mail and/or telephone within five minutes.

#16 Glass Towel Warmer

Thermique Technologiesoffers a stylish, electrically heated glass towel warmer. It offers silent operation and energy efficiency. Customize the glass with a personal monogram or unique design. The sleek wall-mount brackets are available in five finishes to complement any décor.

#17 Powerful Tankless

Takagi’s T-M50 tankless water heater uses two heavy-duty copper heat exchangers to produce up to 380,000 Btu/hr. The dual system ensures that if one unit breaks down, the other would continue operating without any interruption. Ideal for commercial water heating, hydronic systems, radiant floor heating and combined systems.

#18 Recirculation Station

The Navigator® NRS recirculation station byBradley Corp.takes the guesswork out of installing a thermostatic mixing valve in a recirculation system. The pre-assembled, pre-tested recirculation station consists of a Navigator high-low valve combined with the components typically used in this type of system.

#19 Video Inspection System

The new Gen-Eye Spectra™ video inspection system fromGeneral Pipe Cleanersfeatures a 160 GB hard drive, DVD recorder and 15-inch LCD monitor, along with a self-leveling color camera. Record up to 290 hours of inspection video directly onto the hard drive, then copy sections onto the built-in DVD-R to give to the customer.

#20 New Sink Trap

The Gleco Trap, a UPC-approved sink trap fromLiquid Assets, is easy to install and easy for end-users to maintain. Designed to replace the P-trap, it traps sediment or small parts in a translucent plastic bottle. The bottles can be completely replaced when the sediment hardens, or reused. Ideal for art studios, mechanic wash-up sinks, kitchen sinks or anywhere material can clog up waste lines.