Customer service is the theme of this year’s Nexstar Network Super Meeting at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Oct. 11-13, where the affinity group will celebrate its 20th anniversary. The Customers First program highlights the critical role customer service plays in a PHCE service business.

“World class customer service is not just a strategy. It needs to be a movement,” said Nexstar Network President & CEOJack Tester. “It’s about putting customers first like never before and holding employees accountable for making customers No. 1.”

At the event, Nexstar will unveil a 60-week Customer Care Program, with specifics for plumbing, HVAC and electrical technicians. The program is designed to speak to every employee touch point in a residential service business - from the front end to the final follow-up to accountability processes for all company positions.

“When done right, customers will not only be loyal, they will market for you in social situations and through social media, and the payoff goes directly to the business’s bottom line,” Tester said.

In addition, contractors will get:

  • Money-making sales techniques for all trades;

  • Strategies for enhancing their on-line reputation;

  • Accountability processes for all company positions;

  • An accurate economic forecast from nationally acclaimed economist Brian Beaulieu; and

  • A Strategic Partner tradeshow filled with products and services to enhance business.

Typically for members only, this event is open to a limited number of nonmembers. For additional information, call 888/240.STAR or