Owners of PHCE contracting businesses are invited to join Nexstar Network in Phoenix, Ariz., March 15-17 as we prepare you to hire and manage your senior leadership team. Are you currently serving as general manager? Are you ready to hire a general manager? Would you like more training for the one you have? Nexstar will share tangible strategies and tips for molding the right person into this key position in your company. The registration deadline is March 1.

The program is designed to:

  • Prepare owners to hire and manage the senior leadership team.

  • Teach owners to onboard and train a GM on high-impact operating systems.

  • Teach owners how to hire for their weaknesses.

  • Teach GM’s to coach, train and align themselves with the owner’s vision and mission.

If you’re not ready to hire a general manager now, you'll learn valuable operational best practices that will propel your company today. In addition, Steve Farber, senior-level leadership coach and president of Extreme Leadership Inc., will motivate and challenge us to look at leadership as an extreme act - taking a radical leap beyond the title to achieve greatness.

Nexstar is a business-development and best practices organization delivering comprehensive business training, systems and support to independent home service plumbing, heating and air conditioning professionals across the continent. 

Typically for members only, Nexstar will open the doors at theOwners’ Spotlight Seriesto contractors who want to improve their leadership skills while interacting with peer contractors who will openly share successful business strategies and best practices.

For more information, email Lisa and Bryan atmembership@nexstarnetwork.comor call 888/240-STAR. Register online atwww.nexstarnetwork.com.