Bobby's Plumbing has been in business since 1975, and this family-run business boasts a recognizable staple in its town - Big Blue Trucks.

Sizeable Stock For Big Blue

Bobby’s Plumbing Inc. serves the area of Indian River County, a small part of mid-Florida right off the Atlantic Ocean. It has been in business since 1975 under the ownership ofBobby Harp, and this family-run business boasts a “recognizable staple” in its town - Big Blue Trucks.

Each Chevy 3500 Series truck with Unicell body is painted in Bobby’s Plumbing signature blue with custom reflective lettering on all sides. But what this company accomplished that we thought was ingenious was to add the company’s phone number on the roof portion of the Unicell body, giving a “phonebook-like directory” for customers in multilevel buildings.

“Our service trucks are not only a great billboard advertisement, but they carry more than 6,000 fixture repair parts,” adds CEOAmy Harp.

The Bobby's Plumbing trucks carry more than 6,000 fixture repair parts.

In fact, the storage capacity on the Bobby’s Plumbing trucks can hold four sizes of water heaters; three water heater pans; two types of sewer machines with cables; recirc pumps; five garbage disposals (of different horsepowers); two different kinds of water closets; hundreds of PVC and copper fittings/pipe; several types of brand-name fixtures; and more.

“With so many parts and products at hand, we can effectively serve our customers without the downtime of going back to our warehouse for the parts needed to complete the job,” says Harp.

The company says it restocks the trucks daily, but they can go several days during the season without needing to do so.

Also making the job go smoother is the tidy product arrangement on the trucks. The storage system was designed by the owner, and allows for easy access and increased productivity.

It is this ingenuity in design and organization that makes the Big Blue Trucks of Bobby’s Plumbing Inc. a deserving Truck Of The Month.

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