“White vans are cost-effective, but we wanted to stick out,” sayAmyandDavid Tcimpidis, the owners of Quality 1st Plumbing. The company’s two E-350 vans and E-250 SuperDuty pick-up are painted in a very unusual color - Toyota yellow - and they definitely grab your attention. “When the light hits it, it almost hurts your eyes.”

This family-owned, full-service plumbing shop operates in an affluent Florida area, where many customers are second-home owners: The types of clients who don’t want to be bothered by troublesome plumbing or high-maintenance remodels. Quality 1st strives to make their lives easier.

“Our aim is customer service, so they don’t have to worry about the little details,” Amy says. The company’s success can be found in its ability to anticipate clients’ needs. From having product arrive on-time and intact, to taking extra steps in the planning and design process.

“We all had previous plumbing experience before starting our own company in Florida,” Amy tells us. After selling their plumbing business in upstate New York, David was a plumber and also a service manager for another plumbing company; their two sons, Jonathan and Joshua, also worked for other contractors. Even Amy was a plumber for 15 years, which she says gives her an edge in remodeling design. “I can tell a client right away if an idea will work or not.”

Drawing from previous exposure to running a plumbing company, they’ve brought all their “best practices” to life in Quality 1st. But it was David who insisted the company logo - and vans - remain simple and clutter-free.

The load plans of the vehicles are standardized to handle any basic service call. Custom plywood-and-metal drawers (rather than shelves) hold items in place.

As for the stand-out color and logo: “We wanted no frills with a bang,” he says. “A color and logo that could take you where you want to go. You can either stay little, or grow exponentially.”

Quality 1st doesn’t hide the fact that it’s building a brand. “When we decide to grow,” David emphasizes, “it will run as smoothly as it possibly can. We’re getting all the glitches out while it’s still just us. Then we’re prepared for the next level.”

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