The Radiant Panel Association will be beta-testing plans to offer its Radiant Basic and Precision classes online this month and will launch sometime in June. At the same time, RPA is also working with a national online testing company to allow its members to more easily take its certification classes at local RPA members' supply houses throughout the country. will allow contractors to attend “webinars” of half-hour segments of the Radiant Basics and Precision classes. With the proper computer equipment, users will be able to follow along with a Power Point demonstration, and both hear the instructor's voice and ask questions in real time either through a microphone or text messaging.

The webinars will basically follow the format of the association's Radiant Outfitters Personal Education Series, or R.O.P.E.S., a series of downloadable sections that RPA began offering last year. The topics will be staggered to let contractors readily pick and choose what they want to attend, and students will be able to fill out a test at the end of each webinar in order to earn a certification of completion.

While RPA puts the finishing touches on its online campus, the association is also working with Comira to help make taking the Installer Certification and Designers Certification exams easier. Comira has 65 years of experience operating computerized testing facilities in more than 300 locations around the United States. RPA has enlisted the company's know-how to help it set up test sites at RPA members' supply houses across the country. It expects to have a number of wholesalers set up by the end of July.