Sera Systems is offering HVAC, plumbing electrical, and other home service contractors the convenience, security and cost savings of wireless payments made via a wireless credit card reader optimized for their own businesses. The solution is available immediately for all Sera customers using Sera Payments powered by Stax. The wireless payment system features the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT card reader, a 2.5 inch square device about .75 inches thick. The card reader can accept swiped, dipped and tapped via a Bluetooth connection with the technician’s iPad. Pairing is easily accomplished through Sera’s software. In addition to the added security and convenience, most contractors using the card reader through Sera Payments will receive a discount up to 15 basis points on each card transaction fee. This means each transaction is not only more convenient and secure, but the cash saved on transaction fees goes straight to the bottom line.

Sera Systems.