Marcone, a distributor of home and commercial kitchen appliance, HVAC, plumbing and pool and spa repair parts and equipment announced an innovative new diagnostic tool designed to utilize artificial intelligence for repairs.

MarconeAI provides repair technicians with solutions to even the most technical problems. Designed to help them make the right repair the first time, this new technology looks to improve customer satisfaction by introducing cutting-edge artificial intelligence into the appliance repair arena.

“Marcone is a technology company that sells repair parts,” said Marcone Chief Executive Officer Avichal Jain. “What sets us apart is the way we are using technology to improve speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction in the repair industry. It’s truly revolutionary.”

Marcone AI uses Open AI and ChatGPT to direct technicians through a range of solutions related to their specific appliance and issue. It connects them to the most likely repair needed, along with the parts required to complete it. With Marcone’s 93% next-day and 100% two-day shipping, technicians facing even the most complex problems can have their customers up and running in as little as 24 hours.

“We are pleased to offer this technology at no cost to our service community,” Jain said. “It’s our way of helping them make the quick, smart decisions that keep their businesses flourishing.”