On July 13, LIXIL hosted a hands-on Industrial Design and Engineering workshop in NYC for summer camp participants of Tools & Tiaras, as part of its sponsorship of the non-profit organization. During the workshop, girls of 6-14 years of age learned about the design and engineering elements of plumbing and designed their own showerheads using modeling clay. Campers also worked in teams with LIXIL designers and engineers to assemble a faucet together. LIXIL team members spoke to the girls about their experience in their fields and how they found their place in a male-dominated industry. 

“The plumbing industry faces a severe labor shortage, as well as an overwhelming gender gap, said Debbie Drury, leader of communications and corporate responsibility for LIXIL. In the U.S., in 2020, only 2.3% of plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters were women. While we have a ways to go, I am continuously inspired by the good work happening across the U.S. in tackling gender inequality. And I can think of no better partner than Tools & Tiaras to help collectively drive more awareness and passion among women in pursuing fulfilling careers in plumbing. At LIXIL, we are committed to empowering ambitious girls with the confidence to break down the social barriers that stand in their way, and equip them with the hands-on design, engineering and plumbing experience to get there.”

“LIXIL has been a long-time partner, supporter and friend of Tools & Tiaras. Debbie Drury and her amazing team always bring their A-game for our girls, and they completely knocked it out of the park with today’s plumbing workshop that focused on industrial design and engineering, said Judaline Cassidy, The Feminist Plumber, tradeswoman activist, founder and chief visionary officer of Tools & Tiaras. Our girls got to learn that the fixtures they use in their homes every day - like faucets and shower heads - start with ideas and designs that make them both functional and beautiful. Our girls loved this workshop because they were the creative driving forces, using their imaginations to come up with colors, finishes, and designs. With hands-on components from start to finish, the girls got to take their ideas and bring them to life with modeling clay, which was so cool. I am grateful to the inspiring and talented all-women team of LIXIL designers and engineers who led this workshop and helped our girls see all of the STEM-based careers they can pursue in my favorite field… plumbing.”