PRIER Products was honored with a Sustainability Award for its efforts to reduce unnecessary waste and implement ways to protect the planet. Each year, Kansas City Industrial Council recognizes local businesses. PRIER was among seven organizations receiving an award, including Bayer CropScience, Kansas City Testing & Engineering, Metropolitan Community College, The RMR Group, J. Reiger & Co., and Kansas City Water. 

“We work hard to reduce waste and take necessary steps to create a cleaner and more sustainable company,” said Vice President of Manufacturing Brady Poskin. “Our team and partners identified ways we could make a significant impact. We began implementing changes and quickly realized the results from our efforts.”

Efforts that led to the award include:

  • PRIER installed solar panels on each of its buildings allowing the company to significantly cut its carbon footprint. Motion detected LED lighting is used throughout the warehouse and offices to further reduce energy costs. PRIER saves more than 330,000 kilowatt-hours per year; enough to power 30 houses for more than a year;
  •  In the past year, PRIER recycled more than 150 tons of brass, 6 tons of copper and other metals, and 25,000 cubic feet of cardboard. PRIER’s products are manufactured in the heartland of the United States, reducing the transportation costs and minimizing environmental factors associated with shipping, especially from manufactures based outside the U.S.; and
  • All of PRIER's products are designed to the highest standards developed by the American Society for Sanitary Engineers (ASSE). Through engineering and design modifications, PRIER reduced the number of SKUs stocked by customers by more than 50%.

 “We’re on a mission to help people, protect the planet and make a profit,” said CEO Joe Poskin. “We’ve dedicated resources to ensure we hit our goals each year which include utilizing renewable energy, recycling, and sustainable design and manufacturing techniques. It’s wonderful to be recognized for the difference we’re making not only in the Kansas City area but across all of North America for our various customers and distribution channels.” 

 Learn more about PRIER’s sustainability efforts here.