There’s no question that the demand for home improvement projects is red hot. Yet amid the current remodeling boom, there are also more contractors than ever vying for those projects. So how can you set your business apart from those competitors? Here are a few effective and immediate marketing strategies you can deploy to take advantage of the current home improvement trend.

Google My Business

One of the easiest things to do is claim your Google My Business page. When consumers search for something they are looking for through Google, local businesses pop up. This channel is highly convenient for potential customers as they see local options and then can click on their webpage for more information. Consumers immediately see your business name, location via map, star rating and reviews, phone number and hours. Claiming and updating your Google My Business page is a simple step in marketing your business and extending your consumer reach.

Fine-tune your website

Take a long look at your website. Imagine you are a consumer landing on your homepage for the first time. How easily can you navigate it? Do you have your services listed and explained? How quickly can they find your phone number and service hours? It’s important to fine-tune your website to eliminate any potential confusion on who you are and what you do. Small changes can make a big difference in how long visitors stay on your website and what desired actions they take.

Utilize search engine optimization tools

Search engine optimization can also drive consumers to your website via keyword searches. Insert keywords relevant to remodeling into your website, specifically for specialized services you offer. You can also increase SEO by adding videos and photos online. Consumers will often click on a link with video or pictures to learn more. Short how-to videos or examples of completed remodeling projects add another layer that attracts consumers to your website and highlights your services.

Proper advertising placement

The right kind of advertising can go a long way, especially when there are a variety of people looking for remodeling contractors. Think about who your consumers are and whether you want to expand your demographic. From newspapers to online to billboards, there is a wide spectrum of advertising options. Evaluate your advertising budget and consider what types of advertising will benefit your business the most.

Develop a public relations plan

Advertising is one way to gain exposure, but what about free exposure through media? A newspaper ad or television commercial will reach a big audience, but an article or spot on your local news may be most impactful. Consumers can make an immediate connection with your business by seeing you on TV while making dinner or reading their newspaper at breakfast. Maybe your business has something to celebrate, or you’ve done a good deed worth reporting. Do you have any remodeling tips you can offer your audience? By presenting what you offer the community beyond direct services, you show consumers you genuinely want to help, and that they can trust your business.

Stay active on social media

Social media is a driving force in reaching consumers where they spend time on a daily basis. From posting on Facebook about appreciating your customers to blogging about the current trends in remodels, there are so many ways to take advantage of social media. Connecting through social media keeps your name out there, and it can create trust that keeps your current customers loyal and leads to attracting new customers. Consider which social media platforms will be most effective in reaching your targeted audience. YouTube is extremely helpful in showing what kind of services you offer as well as finished projects. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn give you the chance to immediately show results or extend special offers.

Loyalty programs

How do you reward your customers? Finding ways to show appreciation for your customers will keep them coming back to you for remodeling projects and also encourage them to sing your praise to others. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool, so any kind of positive talk from your customers to others is helpful. Loyalty programs could include awarding current clients a referral fee each time a friend or family member makes a purchase with you. Another option is providing a complimentary upgrade to the next level of service selected.

There’s no shortage of marketing strategies you can use to propel your business to the top. Once you build a solid marketing foundation, each additional tool you use should complement the others. Your advertising and SEO will take remodeling consumers to your website and phone number. Your website and Google My Business page will encourage them to use your remodeling services over others. Effective social media will create and keep connections with your consumers. All these channels, working harmoniously together, can help take your business to the next level during this remodeling boom.

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