downloads/ARD_WhitePaper.pdf" target="_blank">white paper authored by venture capital firm ARD Ventures, each fleet vehicle, on average, receives between 30,000 -70,000 impressions daily. Being highly visible and in the right locations are why effective fleet design and branding matters, and is a crucial part of a solid marketing mix — yet it isn’t always something that is top-of-mind, often leading to a missed opportunity. But there are many benefits to investing in fleet advertising and branding.

No ongoing media costs

Once your initial investment is made to purchase and install fleet graphics, there are no ongoing media costs, unlike more traditional outlet such as broadcast, print and digital ads or billboards that need to be updated and/or renewed on a regular basis to maintain a market presence. People will see your vehicles out and about, whether you have an ad on them or not, so this is a great opportunity to leverage the space already on your fleet vehicles to promote your business, products, offerings or services. 

Making a good impression

As mentioned above, your fleet vehicles are often spotted driving around town and parked in neighborhoods and business areas where they are visible to both current and potential customers. In addition to having a significant impression cost, fleets usually get good impressions. 

Consider this: In this day and age, it’s common for neighborhoods to prohibit business and companies from placing lawn signs, sandwich boards or other promotional markers on lawns or property. As a result, your vehicle becomes a valuable resource for promoting yourselves in the community. Eye-catching, thoughtful fleet graphics and branding can serve to help tell your story effectively and efficiently onsite.

Professional appearance

Another thing to consider is how to best represent your brand professionally. A well-designed, attractive and colorful branded vehicle shows that you know the value of investing in your company’s brand and appearance and, in turn, your customers can rely on you to provide them with the same level of thoughtfulness, attention to detail and professionalism as you do to your own company. 

But what is the best way to tackle fleet branding and advertising effectively? You’ll want to start by determining what you want to achieve from a creative standpoint and also identify any potential limitations your fleet may have. 

Creative limitations

First, you’ll want to determine the type of graphics you want to use that best work with your fleet vehicles. Decals and partial wraps utilize the color of the vehicle, while full wraps and changeable graphics for flat-sided inventory can usually cover any existing colors or artwork. Pressure-sensitive vinyl in a full wrap can also be printed with gradients, detailed patterns or special vinyl types such as carbon fiber or brushed metal finished looks. 

Graphic and branding options

Once you’ve settled on the best type of material for your fleet, you have a variety of options that can work for you, depending on your goals, budget and other considerations, such as the ones below.

Cut vinyl decals and partial vinyl wraps are the two most affordable options, and both can be combined with paint treatments as well.

Full wraps

Full vinyl wraps provide more visual impact and gives you the opportunity to brand your vehicles from all angles, making it easier to see from a distance.

Changeable and reusable graphics for flat-sided trucks and trailers

Changeable graphics are frame-based systems that allow ads and graphics to be changed, stored and reused with ease. As a result, your company can promote different products, offerings and services at different times throughout the year to align with any specials you may be offering or seasonal needs (i.e., focusing water damage restoration during the rainy season or bursting pipes when the temperatures plummet to freezing). 

Making the most of your fleet branding

Once you’ve decided what options(s) work best for your fleet, you’ll want to think about how to create the most effective fleet design possible to get the most from your investment. Consider the following. 

Smart use of space

In most cases, when it comes to good design, “less is more” still rules, so avoid a cluttered and overly-busy look and feel. In today’s world, it is easy to search online to find company websites and contact information, so featuring your phone number(s) and website address is not critical. Rather, people need to remember your name, who you are and what you do, so avoid too many details and instead focus on conveying only what is most important. 

Highlight your brand

As discussed, featuring your company’s name and brand assets prominently is key to building awareness. When you combine that with a recognizable color pallet or iconic element that defines your brand, and you become hard to forget. For many companies, this is achieved by creating a character, animal or icon that is custom designed and, ideally, trademarked for your business. It should then be heavily incorporated into your advertising message and visual elements. This brand consistency across website, brochures, videos, apparel and vehicles is a big part of building that value. 

It’s all about timing and recall

Timing is crucial, particularly when someone has an urgent need like a plumbing leak, HVAC problem or appliance repair. Being able to recall the name of a company who can help them get service quickly is important, and that’s where fleet branding can help. Do they remember seeing your vehicle at a neighbor’s home? On the highway? Parked somewhere visible? When they do a Google search, do they recognize your name? Or do they remember your bright blue vehicle? Acquiring mass affordable impressions can play a huge role for new and repeat business. 

Campaign and special offer tie-ins

Finally, consider using changeable graphics to promote any campaigns and/or special offers you are running to help boost business, just like you would in other timely marketing initiatives. People like to feel like they are getting a good deal and will take advantage of special offers as a result.

In conclusion, leveraging the resources you already have (such as fleet vehicles) to elevate your brand and increase awareness is a great way to grow your business efficiently and effectively.