Name: Matthew J. Pillius

Title: President and CEO

Company: Royal Class Service


Why he’s PM’s Plumber of the Month: “Matt is truly the epitome of a craftsman and an entrepreneur. He designs custom systems for every home he visits, which allows us to give the most accurate and fair pricing for the product we are delivering. Matt will speak with clients at length about their options for redesign to best suit their home and overall comfort. He assumes all of the duties and responsibilities of a business owner; all while interacting with clients, researching products, designing systems and coordinating projects.

“If an employee speaks of an important family event, Matt makes sure their schedule reflects enough time for them to attend. During the holidays and all year round, he makes sure our company gives back to the community. He has asked each employee to nominate a non-profit organization they’d like for Royal Class Service to donate to so that everyone is represented. 

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he has made every single decision based upon the health and wellness of others. He made sure our office was adequately stocked with PPE and sanitizer. He even went the extra mile as to have an entire sanitizing system installed throughout our office and warehouse. Matt has even gone to our local restaurant supply store and purchased specialty food items for his employees as a gift during this difficult time.” – Deanna Pillius, marketing and PR Coordinator.

Pillius’ thoughts: “It is an honor to be among the hardest working group of essential yet underappreciated and unrecognized men and women on the planet! I have been blessed with having excellent mentors in my career, those that somehow could see in me what I could not quite see in myself at the time. Those guys are the plumbers that deserve recognition, Jim N. and Art V. to name just two. I am also very proud of the amazing team I have assembled here at Royal Class Service where we share the same core value, to be of service to others. We really do show up daily to do good things for other people.”