Name: Mike Flynn

Title: Lead Installer

Company: Service Professionals


Why he’s PM’s Plumber of the Month: “Mike does amazing boiler and pipe installation work. He can take a mess of a situation and make it look like gold. He is extremely talented and takes great pride in his work and it shows. His technique and drive is to always aim for perfection. He always does what’s best for the customer and their home. He leaves it spotless and neat. He works very hard and doesn’t finish until the job is completed. He is a true leader through and through and it shows on every job he completes. He’s an amazing team leader that takes the time to teach the newer installers how to do things efficiently but also correctly the first time. He is always showing his team how it should be done, and what remarkable service looks like.” – Allison Bankos, customer service manager.

Flynn’s thoughts: “I actually have a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. I started out working for Service Professionals as a driver and helper because they allowed me to take time off for job interviews for my degree, but I ended up liking it more than I anticipated and so I never pursued the criminal justice side. Instead I furthered my career in plumbing and HVAC. I love the look on the customer’s face when I present them the finished product. I like working for Service Professionals because they provide the freedom to grow, learn and perfect the craft, because I know some other companies are just about getting the job done and getting out.  I want to bring back the craftsmanship in the trade and take the time to do the work correctly, making sure everything is perfect because that’s what the customer paid for.”

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