You’ve probably heard a lot about mission and vision statements if you’ve ever listened to business podcasts, taken a class or read about entrepreneurship. In this column, however, I wanted to go beyond the vision statement, to the core of what you really want to accomplish and why. You might share a vision statement with your team, but most vision statements about the future of a company are just thrown together with the intention of getting a team on the same page, working toward a common goal.

This is still a good tool; just make sure there is a real purpose behind it, not just “fluff” or what you think you should say. Here are some ways to make sure that vision encompasses what you really want and the daily activities you are doing are purpose-driven and focused.


Define your real vision

In our high-level events, we do specific guided exercises that help draw out true visions of entrepreneurs in the in-home service industry. It’s easy to get so caught up in daily activities that you often lose sight of why you got into business in the first place and what you truly want the future of the company to look like.

You can’t simply say, “I want the business to grow by ‘x’ amount in the next 10 years;” there’s much more to it. In order to get to the root of your real vision, you need to dig a little deeper than you’re probably accustomed to. Start by asking yourself these questions (and physically type or write down your answers, don’t just let them stay in your head):