Success Group International (SGI) recently held its spring 2019 Expo at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio. Nearly 450 companies and 1,500 people attended the event. The Expo offers a variety of presentations and panel discussions on topics pertaining to the residential contracting industry. However, this San Antonio Expo had a consistent theme — performance management.

The statistics show the trades suffer for people, and the need for individuals will only increase. Contracting jobs will account for one-third of all new jobs through 2022, as reported by The Washington Post and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet according to global staffing firm Manpower Group as reported by The Chicago Tribune, trades vacancies are the hardest to fill in the country — a position they’ve held since 2010.

“The lack of people making their way into our industry has put the trades at almost a crisis,” said SGI President Rebecca Cassel. “That’s why it’s imperative that contractors retain the great employees they have.”

“Today’s workers look much different than generations before them,” she continued. “Money isn’t the only motivator, and in some cases, it’s not a motivator at all. Business owners must evolve. They must learn how to coach and connect with their employees to inspire them to want to achieve more.”

SGI devoted an entire day of its three-day Expo to the topic of performance management. It provided a 40-page, instruction guide, along with an 8-part video training series, for its member contractors to implement in their businesses. The system focused on three critical components: Setting expectations, tracking and coaching.

“We talked to some of the largest, most successful residential contractors across the United States, along with leveraging our network of coaches who’ve been in the industry for decades, to develop this new process,” Cassel said. “Our members will have a better understanding of how to help their people be happier and more productive in their jobs. When your people love what they do, their passion exudes to customers, leaving them with a better service experience.”

Performance Management was not the only topic discussed. Gus Antos, who along with being an SGI investor is also president of Milestone Electric, one of the largest residential contractors in the United States, presented on the importance of residential contractors pricing their services properly to ensure profitability. Other subjects included building a winning culture in a business, properly navigating today’s compensation models to be compliant with the Department of Labor, how to retain proper profitability while aggressively growing your business, along with approximately 52 sessions in total spread over five ballrooms.

SGI has announced that the next Expo, celebrating the organization’s 20th Anniversary, will be held in Dallas from September 30th through October 2nd.