The Spring 2016 Success Group International’s biannual expo took place Wednesday, March 30 to Friday, April 1 at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans. The event drew 386 companies (112 plumbing contractors) and 996 attendees (285 plumbing contractors). There also were 51 vendors in attendance at the vendor showcase.

Wednesday featured a daylong training session on DiSC personality profiles — dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance — investigating why people communicate the way they do and its impacts on how they work with employees, coworkers and customers.

Guest speaker and author John Stahl-Wert spoke on the “serving leader” movement — challenging attendees to look at their organizations and see how they could better serve in order to better lead.

Breakout sessions were held throughout and many were hosted by contractors. Options included: Goal setting and communicating performance expectations, overcoming objections, online reputation management and operational excellence. Revealed during one of these sessions was a new frontend software/app SGI is developing called Service Line, which will allow members to better track their key performance numbers.

SGI also hosted its first Awards Gala and Show this year, emceed by Joel Zeff, guest speaker, author and improvisational humorist. During this celebration, Success Group International recognized the top sales producers throughout the SGI family.

“Change is going to happen,” Zeff said. “However, you can be prepared if you understand and accept that and ‘stay in the game’ — control how you react, be open and flexible, and be present and in the moment.”

Sam Glenn, guest speaker, author and performance artist, agreed, saying: “It’s all about the attitude. Having a positive attitude won’t stop bad things from happening, but will equip you to deal with change better. Our attitude determines our altitude.”

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This article was originally titled “SGI: Working and growing together” in the May 2016 print edition of Plumbing & Mechanical.