In March, the Lovely Christy and I joined our friends from Service Roundtable in Frankfurt, Germany, for the massive ISH trade fair. With more than 2,500 exhibitors focused on sustainability, cutting-edge design trends, and technological innovations, it was a mind-expanding experience, to say the least.

We returned to the U.S. with a renewed vision for what’s possible in our industry, excitement for things to come and inspiration to help our clients figure out how to maximize opportunities and do things differently to succeed at the highest level. Throughout the show, one word kept coming to my mind: Innovation. The majority of the exhibitors were focused on displaying how they do things differently and how they are helping move the industry forward, and it got me thinking about how we are differentiating and innovating within our own companies. Here are some ways to utilize the “innovation factor” to improve our companies, accelerate our growth and serve our clients better.


Foster a culture of innovation

Multiple studies have linked team member satisfaction to an innovation-friendly culture. It represents openness, idea-sharing and valuing the opinions of your people.

Encourage your team members to be involved in the innovation process. Your team members in the field or office might have ideas about how to make improvements, but feel they can’t speak up out of fear that it would come across as being critical to managers and leaders.