CK Mechanical currently has more than 20 employees, between the office staff, master plumbers, journeymen and apprentices. With four service vehicles and four trucks, the company works throughout every municipality in the state of Wyoming and is involved with IAPMO, RPA and Service Roundtable.

“We offer service, repair, remodel and new construction for residential, commercial and industrial clients,” says Terra Nevins, office manager. “Our services include: plumbing, piping, steam systems, hydronic and chilled water systems, specialty piping such as fuel oil, medical gas, acid waste, geothermal, fusion weld, methane and radon mitigation and much more. We also offer design build services budgeting, complete mechanical project management and have a showroom for our residential customers, designers and homebuilders.”

The eight vehicles include a 2005 Ford F250, 2008 Dodge 2500, 2012 Dodge 2500, two 2007 Chevy Pickups, 1998 Chevy Pickup, 2014 Ford F150 and 2013 Ford Van. The favorite among the group is the 2013 Ford Van.

“This van is our favorite because it is the newest wrapped vehicle,” Nevins says. “It is what sets us apart from the other plumbers in our town. The gas mileage on this van is good because it has been well maintained, and well taken care of. The back end has shelves to keep it stocked, to help the technician be more efficient on jobs. The techs are able to stand up in the back of the vans for comfort while they are getting their parts for the jobs.”

The company’s vehicles are the opposite of “typical white van,” in fact it is the complete opposite. The vans are black with a blue water drop logo, and colorful plumbing, heating and cooling lettering underneath the logo.

“Service vehicles are typically associated with white, and we wanted to stand out from the pack,” Nevins says. “When we arrive, we want our customers to feel comfortable and know it is indeed their CK service technician at their home. CK Mechanical was the first plumbing contractor in Casper to wrap our vehicles, as always our goal was and is to set and raise the bar for plumbing service — our wrap is just one example of just that.

“We also wanted something that would stand out from others and really catch your eye if you were to see it driving down the road,” Nevins continues. “We chose blue for the water drop as that is the typical color you associate water with. The colorful ‘plumbing, heating and cooling’ was chosen because of the associated colors with those words. The owner, Kevin Maston designed the logo, and chose the colors.”

The response is what they hoped for, noting that many say, “We see your trucks everywhere,” even though the company has less than some competitors, its vehicles are noticed more often.

The wraps are not the only thing the company does to strengthen its image. The techs are uniformed along with everything from its websites and social media accounts to the pens they have in their pockets.

“Our goal is to keep the brand consistent in everything we do,” Nevins says. “With so much information at our fingertips, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out and be seen. Having a definitive brand and look helps us to be recognized quicker and more consistently in an ever-increasing sea of information and competitors.” RJ 2.0


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