Do you ever question your belief results? (Perhaps you’ve never heard the term “belief results,” which could be because I just made it up — it just seems to best explain what I want to share with you in this column.)

Personally and professionally, it’s been a “roller coaster” period for me recently. I moved into a new home, had some business adjustments, and had some unexpected things come up. You know those times: You have a good plan in place, but then life happens and things change (sometimes at the 11th hour).

However, at the end of the day, week, month or hour, it all works out. At least that’s what I believe to be true, though some people don’t share those beliefs.



Have you ever had someone tell you (or at least imply) that you cannot have it all? There is a certain mindset that exists where people believe you can’t have everything you want, including personal freedom, financial freedom, complete happiness, a great relationship, etc. People with that mindset will have results in their lives that mirror those beliefs — they are correct in believing they can’t have it all because they never will, not with that mindset.

Those who believe that they cannot have wealth are 100% correct. Those who believe they “have that body type” and will never be healthy could not be more spot on. Those who believe they are “too old” to accomplish a want, need or desire are creating and manifesting their truth.

It’s time you take a personal inventory of your own belief results. Like it or not, your results in life, business, relationships, finances and health are a direct reflection of your core belief system.

I do single-day, deep-dive, intensive coaching sessions with clients called a Strategic Growth Intensive where we uncover and review certain beliefs we have carried from childhood which are still influencing decisions and results today.

I’ve witnessed so many companies being held back by limiting beliefs, from owners and managers who refuse to change because they are “set in their ways” to salespeople who don’t believe in themselves and their abilities. With a little bit of effort, your results can drastically change when belief systems are examined.

Here are a few ideas to help you strengthen belief results.



Sometimes when everything seems to be going smoothly in life and/or business, we fail to question situations. We stop asking things like, “Is this the best way to train our technicians?” or, “Is there a more efficient way to dispatch?” or, “Is this the best person for this position?” We get caught up in the way things have always been done and stop wondering if there is a better way.

We talk ourselves into believing we are doing things the best way possible because it’s easier than looking for better ways, changing systems, or trying to really increase profitability. If you are always challenging your beliefs and looking for better methods, this is one of the best possible ways to improve your results. Don’t be lazy when it comes to constantly questioning the status quo.



If we believe things don’t need to change, our results will never be different, either. (Are you seeing the logic behind the ‘belief results” term now?)

Start by doing something that challenges you or scares you a bit in life or business. It actually helps build overall confidence and assists you in questioning your beliefs. I have walked on fire over 100 times, and I recently swam with sharks in Ecuador. My head was telling me (aka my beliefs were telling me) that fire will burn me and sharks will kill me. Neither of those things happened, but part of the mind shifts when you do something that challenges convention and your personal limiting beliefs.

You don’t need to swim with sharks to have this effect; simply trying a new experience, visiting a new place, or thinking outside the box with a marketing campaign can give you a similar feeling.



Are all your beliefs still true for you? Even if they are true and applicable for your peers, parents and/or siblings, are they still true for you? I highly recommend you ask the good questions to get the good answers because your results are coming from your beliefs — of course followed by actions you choose to take. But beliefs are where it all begins.

It’s even important to pay attention to the phrases you use — you might’ve unintentionally picked them up from your parents or friends and they no longer apply to your life or have negative undertones. I hear people say things like, “That’s just my luck,” or, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” or other negatively charged statements. Their beliefs are absolutely impacting their results. If they think they have bad luck or something is always about to go wrong, they make that their truth.



In my first book, “The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E.,” I wrote about the concept I call “us-versus-them mentality.” Many readers have given me positive feedback because of their own identification with this limiting belief that certain people are destined for greatness while you are destined for struggle. If this is what you believe, you will continue to struggle, and your results will reflect it.

There was a time when believing in Santa Claus was acceptable and probably didn’t harm your life and results. At 48 years old, if I put up the tree, sent the note off to the North Pole, put out the cookies and milk and waited patiently all night for Old Saint Nick, The Lovely Christy might just check me into a nice, comfortable psych ward. Luckily, my beliefs changed and I adapted accordingly when I found out about the story I was being told.

I’m not saying that examining your beliefs means you need to change them. Beliefs only need to be altered if they are outdated, failing to serve your life or your company, or simply aren’t feeling good to you any longer. Sometimes questioning your beliefs even serves to strengthen them, which is good if they are helping you, too.

How do you want your life and business to look? Get clear about that and start believing it can happen that way. Your beliefs are yours. Your results are yours. Your choices are yours.

Your beliefs directly impact your results, so make sure your beliefs are serving your life, not holding you back from your true potential and everything you deserve.