Removing a water heater

I was recently faced with removing a heavy water heater from another attic area. I removed the hot copper flex supply lines and bent the other line over and attached the loose end to the hot nipple on top of the water heater, forming a nice handle.  Made it very easy to lower the water heater down. Have since used it on many replacement jobs with great success!   

John Kennemur

Kenn Construction

Big Spring, Texas


Removing a water heating element

If you do not have the correct size socket, you can remove the element by putting a cold chisel on one of the edges and striking with a hammer to spin out the element. Also works better than the cheap “water heater socket kits” sold at the store. You can use that to put the new one in.

Joseph Simpson

George A. Green Plumbing

Woodbury, Conn.


Keeping toilet bolt caps on

Regarding cutting the closet bolts off to install the covers, don’t. I’ve created a one-piece tall toilet bolt cap that screws on and doesn’t pop off during cleaning.

Sometime during the life of that toilet, chances are the caps will pop off. The installer will like not needing to lie down and cut the bolts, and the next person will like having the cap come off and not having a cut bolt to contend with. These caps cover the standard 2.25” closet bolts and can be painted to match the toilet.

John Henry

Stinky Johns

Spokane, Wash.


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