Service World Expo officials have announced that PM columnist and founder of The Blue Collar Success Group, Kenny Chapman, will speak at the conference on “Recruiting and Leading ‘Sales Superhero’ Millennials.”

“Kenny has superhero tips to help you create a respectful, multigenerational workplace which is important to millennials,” Service World Business Advisor John LaPlant said.

Chapman founded the Blue Collar Success Group to help fellow entrepreneurs create the businesses they desire through professional leadership and technician training. This background gives him a powerful advantage in recruiting the right sales millennial.

Millennials are the largest generation to enter the workforce since the baby boomers, and they are reshaping the way we do business. Getting inside the millennial mindset is crucial now more than ever, as we are faced with the challenge of simultaneously training multiple generations to be effective salespeople.

Chapman will break down the three biggest myths about managing millennials, including what motivates them and how to speak their language. He will provide tactics and skills for developing sales systems that lessen the generation gap and unite team members to work together to achieve common goals, increase sales, and develop a strong culture.

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