PM Senior Editor Mike Miazga checks in from Delta Faucet headquarters in Indianapolis.

Delta Faucet recently unveiled some of its new technologies to media members.

I’ve been doing this journalism thing for a long time. And if you do something long enough, you’re going to see some things you never thought you would see.

That most definitely happened to me on my recent visit down to the Indianapolis area for Delta Faucet Co.’s 2010 Media Blogger Event.

The media members in attendance received a long, standing ovation from the Delta Faucet employees as we entered the facility (I’d call it a two-story standing ovation because there were also employees lined up on the second floor looking over the railing and clapping for us.)

A journalist getting a standing ovation? That’s definitely getting filed in the “coolest moments of the career” category.

That touch of class set the tone for the day at Delta. The folks at Delta presented a well-planned program burgeoning with information on both its Brizo and Delta brands and the technologies behind the products. There was also a nice, big surprise after lunch that I’ll get to in a minute.

In terms of education, I learned a ton about things like Delta’s H2Okinetic, DIAMOND Seal, Touch 2O and MagnaTite technologies (focused on consumer convenience and experience as well as water conservation). I was never really aware of how big the raw chicken on the hands in the kitchen issue was for consumers until this event (the Delta Touch 2O technology takes care of the problem).

Upon arrival, media members received a standing ovation from Delta Faucet employees.

A real highlight of the day was learning about the company’s design process. Delta Director of Industrial DesignJudd Lordcaptivated the room with his explanation of how his team comes up with the design concepts through channels such as monitoring society trends (and I mean really monitoring). Judd’s team travels all over the world searching out the latest design trends (and forecasting several years into the future). I also found the Brizo brand’s involvement with fashion designerJason Wu (who designed Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Ball dress) fascinating.

We were also given a rare inside glimpse into the company’s I3 design studio where the products of tomorrow are being developed today-cool (and top-secret) stuff.

PM Senior Editor Mike Miazga installed his first career kitchen and bathroom faucets (and didn't flood the facility).

I mentioned earlier about the surprise. On the agenda for the event was the mention of kitchen and lavatory installations. I figured they would show us how they install their products.


Approximately two hours later I had helped install both a kitchen and a lav faucet.            

It felt like I had just won an Olympic gold medal. I’m about the most mechanically challenged person there is and had never come close to installing a household appliance in my life. One thing is for sure: Delta’s use of PEX tubing helped make this plumbing neophyte’s day go a lot smoother.

All kidding aside, the journalists that attended this event were given an enriching look into the development of these faucets and showerheads from design, functionality and environmental aspects. And for that, the folks at Delta and Brizo should stand and be recognized.