Last month, I talked about making written goals for your business to help achieve positive results. Here in Part 2, we’ll discuss on how to do that.

How do you change this cycle?

First, you have to know what you want and write it out. Otherwise, your reasons of going into business for yourself like giving yourself and your family a better life was just a fantasy and it will always remain so.

Be careful to start your journey by really examining what you think and believe deep down in your heart because the thoughts in your heart and head either help or hurt your chances for real success.

When I do Leadership Power! with clients, I do an exercise in which we write down all the negative thoughts we tell ourselves…all day long…and sometimes all night long. These thoughts you think are in reality are not really you since most of them have been learned by you. Just know that those thoughts control you and your chances of having a successful outcome.

So to help my clients with these unspoken thoughts, I have them spend five minutes dumping these negative thoughts on to the page and I coach them to do it very fast so they can’t censor themselves.

When they’re done, they’re amazed at what they put down on the page. It has finally allowed them to bring forth what they had been thinking, sometimes unconsciously, into the light of day. More times than not it was what their parents programmed into them, or teachers or their bosses along the way. These old hurtful thoughts were in control more than they ever realized. Finally, they could see how these unspoken thoughts were controlling the outcome of well-intentioned actions in their business and their personal life.

The next thing we do is spend five minutes rewriting each of those negative thoughts and statements in a positive way.

Example of my negative thought: “I’ll always be needed to put out the fire that one of my employees set.”

Example of making that a positive thought: “I can recruit willing people and train them properly so they can minimize mistakes and be able to overcome adversity as it arises.”

Then, we walk over to the shredder and watch ourselves shredding the page with the negative thoughts and we type up the positive thoughts so we can refer to them at the start of each day.

Try this exercise. It can be personal. It can be business related. It can be both.

Only by writing can we hope to set ourselves free from either fantasizing about what we want the future to be instead of making them real as a goal must be.

Now, mileage markers are important on this journey. Dipping into a well-worn cliché, “Every journey starts with a single step.” We need our mini-victories and they are best served by breaking our written goal into mini-goals so we can win along the way.

Do this and start to achieve one goal after another and finally achieve the success you so richly deserve.

Planning for Success? or Winging it?

Don’t have to!....Here’s what just one client had to say on the best way to address this:

“I wasn’t sure that what Al does would fit a big company like ours. So, I did some
checking with some of his other clients and they assured me that it would. Wow,
I’m glad I listened to them. For the first time, I feel like I have control of my company and I’m seeing positive changes that makes coming to work a whole lot more fun and profitable.

That’s no small accomplishment!

Today, I’m better able to find the holes faster and I know how to fix them once and for all. What I’ve learned is, as contractors we’re all too busy to make mistakes that waste time and money. Running around without a plan and an agreed set of priorities doesn’t work. I know because I used to run my business this way but not anymore. Now, I have an organized plan and systems that are tailored to me and my company. And we’re seeing the benefit with
more sales and fewer callbacks.

What more could a contractor ask for?

If you want to start making good business decisions like I can do now, stop what you’re doing and contact Al. Whatever size your business is, it’ll be better off with Al by your side.”

Sam Marcisso, President
Pine State
South Portland, Maine

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