molloy body
Jim Molloy, Centrotherm Eco System’s vice president of business development.
Photo credit: Centrotherm


Centrotherm Eco System’s Vice President of Business Development Jim Molloy (pictured) recently conducted training sessions with the manufacturing staff of Goodman and Amana brand products at the factory location in Houston. Goodman hosted training for customers and technical service managers on the latest product improvements and accessories.

Centrotherm’s training focused not only on the ease of installing and using InnoFlue on Goodman and Amana brands’ 90%-efficient condensing furnaces, but also on the multiple safety benefits utilizing the only UL-1738-listed polymeric vent on the market.

“It was a pleasure to be involved in a training program where all parties present were so enthusiastic about new products and technologies,” Molloy said.

 Local manufacturers representatives ( can provide a current list of InnoFlue stocking wholesalers.