Consumers are looking for ways to economically warm up affordable, easy-to-install laminate flooring.

As hard surface flooring continues to increase market share, the trend for warm floors continues to gain momentum. In years past, most people looked at radiant heat as “a rich man’s product”, and something installed only beneath tile floors. However, since the introduction of affordable and easy-to-install laminate flooring, consumers have started to look for ways to economically warm up these durable floor coverings, too. The tightly compressed core of most laminates can be a great conductor of radiant heat.

QuietWarmthis a revolutionary radiant heat system ideally suited for floating floors; it warms the floor and helps heat the room. There is no easier, safer or more cost effective radiant heat system available. No complicated sub-floor assemblies are needed; the QuietWarmth sections need not be fastened to the floor if the installation is under floating laminate or wood flooring. Simply install QuietWarmth panels in place of typical floating floor underlayments. QuietWarmth is ETL listed as safe for combustible flooring materials, as well as ceramic tile.

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