Plumbing & Mechanical columnist, business consultant and former contractor Al Levi released a new book, “The 7-Power Contractor: Run Your Contracting Business with Less Stress and More Success,” in which he lays out seven simple business “powers” that hundreds of his clients have applied successfully to run their businesses — planning and leadership, operating, financial, staffing, selling, marketing and sales coaching.

“If you’re an experienced contractor and you’re still working in the field, doing estimates, running techs and working crazy hours with no end in sight, and you’re wondering if there’s a way out, Al Levi has the answer,” said Mark Paup, president of Iowa-based Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating and Cooling and one of Levi’s clients.

The book is available now on in paperback or Kindle ebook. The book provides readers with a link and password that enables them to download additional bonus materials related to each chapter. It also includes anecdotes from other contractors about how their application of these concepts faithfully and consistently over time empowered them to transform their businesses and their lives forever.