Pressure-testing PEX plumbing

When pressure-testing a Manabloc and PEX system with air, after rough-in, I shut off all valves on the Manabloc, leaving pressure in each individual line. When coming back to finish plumbing the house, I slowly cut lines or relieve faucet valves of pressure. If the line isn’t holding pressure, it needs further investigating as it could have been compromised by a screw or nail during sheet rock application or finish work. Small, slow leaks can be extremely damaging and costly for the customer.


Frank Norris

Norris Contracting

Willamsport, Pa.


Ergonomic pipe wrenches

We all know the strain put on your hands from using pipe wrenches. To ease that, I purchased foam bicycle handlebar grips and slid them onto the handles of my pipe wrenches. They are now more ergonomic and tend to ease any arthritis pain present.


Manuel A. Leibas

Leibas Specialty Plumbing

St. Lorain, Ohio


Repairing nut driver magnet

When the magnet came out of my nut driver, instead of throwing it away, I filled the end of a small straw with J-B Weld, inserted it into the nut driver and blew. The epoxy went into the end of the nut driver. I put the magnet into the epoxy after I took the straw away. The straw kept the J-B Weld from getting on the inside of the nut driver. I let it set over night and the magnet held tight.


Don Stouffer

Avon Electric

 Rochester Hills, Mich.