Challenge yourself and your team to rise above current market uncertainties.

Recently, I ran a meeting at my company, Peterson Plumbing, that was attended by all my team members. I had been physically gone from the company for about six weeks and we had been facing some stronger-than-usual lead-generation challenges during the shoulder season.

In the face of this challenge, some of our front-line team members began the grumbling process. You know how the process goes: People start grumbling under their breath about things they aren’t pleased with.

In order to keep the grumbling to a minimum, I incorporated a powerful statement into that meeting’s training session for my great team: “Winners find a way to win and whiners find a way to whine.” Think about that for a moment and tell me it’s not completely true!

I carried this quote forward with my weekly coaching group and then I shared it during a keynote speech I delivered in Kansas City for More Floods, a national flood restoration company.

I want to share this thought with you here because the feedback I’ve received from this simple statement has beenstaggering. When it comes to coaching, speaking or delivering any message to an audience, it’s all about timing - and this concept certainly seems to be timely.

Learning opportunities

The time isnowto stop whining and become more focused on winning. Every message I deliver to you is one that I also need to hear myself. I believe this is part of how life works.

No matter the size of your company, your bank account or anything else, we all have challenges - or learning opportunities, as I like to call them. Believe it or not, I’ve been criticized by peers in the coaching and consulting space for not acting as ifI’m perfectand that I have all the answers!

What? Really?

I still have to laugh when I think about this. In my opinion, we are all just human beings leading our companies to thebest of our ability. Our ability is essentially determined by our current understanding, implementation practices and leadership skills at this point in our lives. This shapes our present situation, which is typically full of learning opportunities. 

One thing I know is it’s easy to fall into the trap of whining about our circumstances. It’s easy to get sucked into the world of negativity that surrounds us on a daily basis. It’s easy to begin questioning ourselves when we’ve lost perhaps another job due to charging a higher price.

Another thing that’s easy, but can have apositiveimpact on your business, is to challenge your process. If I can’t reduce my price, what can I do differently in the presentation process with my clients? How can I demonstrate more value, while building additional trust and confidence? What language am I using that is preventing me from closing more deals? Question the status quo in your business and you will discover some simple changes that can increase your success rate.

Winners find a way to win and whiners find a way to whine!

Let’s look at five core areas that determine the difference between whiners and winners.

1. Whiners focus on the past, while winners focus on the present and the future.
Whiners are always looking in the rear view mirror, either feeling as if they are a victim of their current circumstances or they’re yearning for things to be more “like they used to be.” Winners, conversely, only consult the past to learn from various circumstances regarding what went well and what areas need work. Then, they focus on what they can do right now, in this moment, to achieve their goals moving forward. Winners simply view the past as a learning tool.

2. Whiners focus on what’s wrong, while winners focus on what’s right.
It’s been said that on an average day, 35 things will go right and only one thing will go wrong. Unfortunately, that one thing seems to be where many people choose to focus their energy. Winners understand that if you’re a mover and shaker, a few things aren’t going to happen exactly as you had hoped. They choose to focus on what’s right, never allowing a negative or nonproductive mindset.

3. Whiners blame others and situations, while winners take complete responsibility.
We all have people in our lives that refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and results. If you’re a whiner who is in the trap of blaming someone or something else for your life, business and situation, you have given away all your power to create positive change for yourself. Until you take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life, you will consistently be at the mercy of other people to determine your success or lack thereof.

4. Whiners have a scarcity mentality, while winners are abundance-minded.
Winners believe that there is enough to go around. They believe there are enough calls, enough customers and enough work for them to achieve their goals and not worry about their competition. Winning technicians understand that every service call is an abundant opportunity to make a positive impact on their customer.

5. Whiners resist change, while winners embrace and even create it.
We all know that most people resist and avoid change at all costs. Change can be challenging, yet change is absolutely necessary. In order to grow and improve in business, we must be willing to leave the comfort zone we have created in order to better serve our customers and team members. Winners have complete understanding of this fact and continuously look for the next opportunities to change and strengthen their business.

It’s tough out there, the game has changed and it will continue to change indefinitely. We must challenge ourselves, our processes and our team to rise above current market uncertainties.

Sometimes we just need to let go of what used to work. What got you here will not get you there! Reinvention is a must and it all starts with you. It’s determined by how you think, what you believe, the actions you take and ultimatelyhow you lead!

Your team needs you. The other progressive contractors in the industry need you. Your clients need you. You must be fully present, engaged and prepared to play full out. No exceptions!

Now is the time to block any whining thoughts and focus all that you are on thoughts of winning!