Electric floor heating company WarmlyYours introduces its new highly interactive “Snow Melt Quick Estimate” project tool available at:http://www.warmlyyours.com/get-quote/snow-melting/quick-estimate/.

Designed for homeowners and contractors alike, this tool calculates the cost of a custom electric snow melting system quickly, easily and accurately. The Quick Estimate tool provides a product recommendation for various applications: cables or mats, asphalt, concrete or pavers. The tool can even calculate partial coverage (e.g., tire tracks for your driveway project).

“We used some pretty sophisticated technology to bring this online Quick Estimator tool to our customers,” according to Ramie Blatt, WarmlyYours senior software developer who created this tool. It passes information to WarmlyYours servers where complex geometric algorithms determine the best combination of products for the project. “Our goal is to optimize heating coverage and create a value solution, all while delivering the best fit for the space.”

Source: WarmlyYours