Taco’s FloPro Team is now available online for lively, helpful discussions of the technical, sales and marketing challenges contractors face.

Meet the team at the FloPro Community;
Join the talk and get the chance to win an iPod

Taco Inc.has launched a new online community for its FloPro Team. The company hopes to make the new community a heating contractor’s best location to learn, share and collaborate with other FloPro members.

By logging in at http://flopro.taco-hvac.com/login.php, FloPro members can

  • Hold lively, helpful discussions on technical, sales and marketing challenges
  • Reinforce and expand what they learn in FloPro training classes
  • Tap into the wealth of hydronic knowledge and get personal advice from the FloPro Team support staff.
FloPro members can post questions in the online forum, and Product Training and Trade Program ManagerJohn Barbawill contribute to a twice-monthly blog where he’ll offer insight and effective industry tips. His recent blog installments, titled “Sales and Selling for HVAC Contractors, Part 1 & 2,” are available now at the site.

Taco’s FloPro Team was developed earlier this year to help hydronics contractors grow their businesses by way of training, field and technical support, and a range of consumer marketing and promotion materials.

For more information on the FloPro Team, visit www.taco-hvac.com or call 401/942-8000.