Six months after a fire destroyed its manufacturing facilities, Energy Saving Products Ltd tellsPMall about the progress it's made.

Photos: Energy Saving Products Ltd

Six months after afire destroyedthe manufacturing facilities of Energy Saving Products Ltd., the hi-v mini-duct systems manufacturer tellsPMabout the progress it’s made.

“We are still very much a powerhouse in the SDHV sector of the HVAC industry,”Andrea Nergard, marketing director for Energy Saving Products, informed us. “We are proud to be back at full production at our interim location. “

With more than 25 years in business, the manufacturer is looking ahead to constructing a purpose-built facility on the old site, maximizing space and efficiency. Nergard says the new building will incorporate many energy-efficient components and will feature an innovative training facility showcasing the efficiency and flexibility of the company’s fancoils and support equipment. 

“The structure itself is being designed to reduce the heat loss over our old facility by as much as 60 percent through utilization of high-grade insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors, and many other concepts and ideas from the LEED Green Building Rating System,” she says. “Our thanks to all who have helped us through this trying time.”

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