• Making manifolds
  • Fast hands clean-up
  • Basement bathroom toilet flange

  • Manifold Making

    When making up a manifold with copper tees and valves, I discovered that using a drop ear tee (all copper) as one of the tees makes for a straighter, cleaner, better supported and more uniform job.

    I use the drop ears of the tee as a platform, building the rest of the manifold on a piece of wood. The valves are pointing upward, lined up and ready for soldering. One can see the solder pattern, and can clean up with flux as you go.

    You can pick any one of the tees to be the drop ear tee, and can use the ears as support for mounting to a wall.

    P.S. Make sure you have spaced the tees far enough apart so that the valve handles can operate.

    Dennis Luftig
    West Marin Plumbing
    Point Reyes Station, Calif.

    Faster Cleaner

    A while back you had a Tool Tip on cleaning your hands with Clorox. NAPA Auto Parts stores sell a liquid called “Klean Hands.” You put a quarter-size drop in your hand and rub it in like lotion. No more cracked fingers or dry skin with this. All you need to clean up is water.

    Arlen Johnson
    Johnson Heating – Plumbing – AC
    Underwood, Minn.

    Breaking Up

    Tired of having to break out the concrete around the bolt holes in toilet flanges in basement bathrooms? I simply take a chunk of bowl wax from a regular wax ring and press it up into the slot on the flange.

    Not only does this keep concrete and tile grout out of the bolt slot, it also makes a nice substance to hold the bolts up straight, when you come back to set the toilet.

    Jeff Zager
    NMI Inc.
    Seattle, Wash.

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