• Clearing A Jammed Disposal
  • Working In the Rain
  • Plumber’s Grease To The Rescue

  • Clearing A Jammed Disposal

    Ever have a jammed garbage disposal and it doesn’t have one of those keys to fit the bottom to clear it? The answer is already in your tool bag; I use a medium-sized basin wrench to clear the jammed disposal. (Make sure the garbage disposal switch is in the off position before attempting the clear the obstruction.) Use the basin wrench from the top of the disposal, grab on to the blades and turn. It works great!

    Brian Murphy
    Murphy’s Plumbing
    Aurora, Minn.

    Weather Protection

    My father and I are plumbing and heating contractors from Pennsylvania and it seems like it has rained every other day this year. Recently we were planning to do the under-floor plumbing at a job and it was raining. In order to keep the building process moving along, we had to get the work done that day. We set up a 10-foot- by-10-foot EZ-up canopy in the area where we were working, moving it around wherever we needed it. We kept our fitting bins underneath the canopy and everything stayed dry throughout the job (a plus when working with PVC because rain and PVC glue do not mix). This canopy idea can also give you shade on hot, blistering, sunny days.

    Tyler Witmer
    Witmer Plumbing & Heating
    Hegins, Pa.

    Plumber's Grease To The Rescue

    When changing rubber seats and springs in faucets (especially shower faucets), put the rubber seat and spring together. Put some plumber’s grease on your finger, then the rubber seat and spring. You can quickly and easily insert them in the faucet without the seat and spring falling; they will stay on your finger. This saves time as you will not be fumbling around for them on the floor.

    Josh Brown
    JB Plumbing
    Cuba, N.Y.